Monday, 19 January 2015

Fostering Robin : Day Four

Today was a bittersweet day as was our last full day with Robin but knowing she is going to her forever home tomorrow makes it that bit better. Again we had a chill day, a long walk and then I had the best cuddles from Robin as it was almost like she knew she was going. I had both of the dogs tight beside me for the night and then this morning (the 20th) I was back volunteering at the ISPCA so brought little Robin back up there. She cuddled the whole way in my arms and then when we got there she stayed in the kitchen area of the kennels with us so not to stress her being back in a kennel. All day she followed me around and kept jumping up into my arms. Whilst at lunch I got called down to reception as Robins new people were there to take her home. I gave her one last big hug and wished her family all the best. I'll admit it was emotional but I am thinking positive as I know she is in a great home with people that love her.

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