Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What is actually Happening??

Today something happened that is one of the most surrealist things to happen to me and something I've never even dreamed would. Today I was offered the role as manager,yes MANAGER me a 19 year old dyslexic kid manager of a charity shop. I can't put into words how unbelievably honored I am to be picked out of the other volunteers in the shop to job share with another lady as managers. It just goes to show 'hard work and dedication" do certainly pay off, even in ways you couldn't have imagined. If someone told me this time last year when I was stressing about my Leaving Cert Exams that I would be volunteering in places I love and getting opportunity's to go on live TV, be the manager of a shop and possibly even go to India.. I would have told them where to get off the crazy bus. I'm so excited to start my new role as manager (still can't believe I'm even saying that) and all the duties I have to master such as
- Delegating Tasks accordingly                                         -email weekly updates to head of charity
-meeting with owner once a month                                    -email weekly cash amounts to accountant
-roster coordination of volunteers                                      -stock taking
-keeping record of all recipients to be posted                      - liaising with area of shop manager
-weekly update Facebook page                                             -sourcing new stock
- Implement new/fresh ideas for the shop

How nuts and real professional does all that sound okay now I need to calm down and start acting like a manger ;) WOOO ... now

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