Thursday, 25 January 2018

Bullet Journal: Next 4 Pages

My Bullet Journal journey continues...

I'm a complete numpty at saying "oh yeah, sometime" or letting things and opportunities constantly pass me by.  This page is dedicated to me stopping that and starting to say yes. It could be simple little things as going for coffee with a friend, to new events to push myself to get out there more.  Everything that pops up lately I'm going to add to this page and use it as encouragement to tick off.

Another day, another bucket list.
This one is dedicated to our new area, after moving. Donegal is famous for lots of things, one of those being the scenic views which I tried to tie in with the design for the bubble in the middle of the page. 
We're in a totally new area and that means lots of things to tick off while we're here from little things like trying the local drink (what even is Football Special) to climbing the biggest mountain in the area.

This page, I absolutely love after spotting similar posts on Pinterest. My old school dodgy tvs are where I keep track of the series I'm currently watching and what episodes I'm on. Simple yet very effective. 

One of my favorite pages is my read tracker. I've set a goal for the year to read a minimum 20 books to get back into my passion and I love the idea of keeping the name and author of the book to look back on and even re-read. I added in little book quotes on the open book page such as the classic Dr.Seus 'you can find magic wherever you look, sit back and relax all you need is a book'.

I'll be honest I haven't had a lot of time to be creative and add new pages lately, starting new classes and lots of assignments on day one its been very hectic but hopefully, when I settle down I'll get back to my perfectly organized colored pens. 

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Primark & Essence Bargain Beauty

 A little while ago I picked up some new basic makeup as the pieces I've been using I've had for months (bad, very bad). I'll be fully honest here the reason I am so excited for this post is because of the beautiful purple roses that made my shots look professional. I always stick with the same brands, colors and pieces so I went straight for Primark/Penny's to their Essence stand to find my usual, and was surprised with my results.

As I said I always go for the same Essence pieces and that includes my mascara, although this time I went for one a bit different and boy am I glad I did. Eyes are my main focus when I do my makeup, I want them to pop and be the focal point. With this mascara they certainly are. I love a good dark lash and this mascara offers a vibrant black and even curls and gives an extension of the lashes.
Roughly €3.50

This one, I always go for the same, although I went slightly lighter this time. Roughly €4.50 I can't quite remember although I think it may have been cheaper. I live for soft touch mousse it was actually one of my first ever makeup pieces as my mum used it and I followed suit. I usually apply foundation first and then a light layer of the mouse to give a complete flawless soft coverage. If you've never tried mouse I can't recommend it enough as it really lives up to it. There are higher priced alternatives available but I find Essence and incredible quality and affordable brand, plus they're cruelty-free.

Lastly, I picked up this new foundation, stepping out of my comfort zone to try a new brand which was the Primark/Penny's P.S for just €3.50. I can not shout from the rooftops enough how AMAZING this smells, I mean smell is just as an important factor as everything else, it is truly beautiful. I barely use as much as I would normally as a tiny amount goes a long way with fantastic coverage and another amazing thing is the lasting effect, it lasts an entire night out (and even through to the next day, but we don't fall asleep with makeup on, and pizza in our hands) without any need for finishing spray which I would normally use. 

I'm a proud bargain beauty user, are there any bargain brands that you use without fail? 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Bullet Journal: Next 5 Pages

I recently started my own Bullet Journal and shared some of my creative pages and want to continue sharing as I expand the book. 

Every journal I've seen so far have a monthly layout and I had planned on not doing one as I do have a separate diary but as I said I am a list girl and there are extra bits and bobs each month that I like to keep organized and this is the perfect place for them. I kept this page really simple black and white with lots of different fonts to have it more organized and not too much color distracting me from tasks to do. I also added in a little monthly inspiration quote. 

My positive year is continuing with my Happy page filled with things that make me happy in simple everyday life such as cuddles with my dog or soup when I'm sick. It's a very simple page to add but writing a little piece of positivity in your life really makes a difference.

And again continuing on my positive pages are a list of all my favorite things. We all have that embarrassing diary we made when we were 10 and High School Musical and Hannah Montana were our favorites and I picture looking back on this one to see what some of my favorites were. I kept it simple again with blue and blank font for the little quote and then writing my favorites in red.

A really cute idea I saw to keep track of birthdays are this year diagram where you can clearly see who is in each month and when you have to prepare that gift.

A lunar calendar was something incredibly beautiful I came across and thought it was a lovely page to add as I believe in the phases of the moon cycle and having a page dedicated to it and the meaning of the moon stages is interesting for me and looks beautiful (although my drawings are terrible).  

Can't wait to create more pages soon and update you here.