Thursday, 4 January 2018

Notebook Hoarding and What I use them for

Notebook Hoarding is a thing, right? I'm not the only crazy person that has a selection of notebooks each for their own occasion.
I've been giving quite a few lovely notebooks over the years (pretty much all HP) and have always put them aside because I wanted to use them for something special and specific to each notebook, as I'm a reoccurring giver upper and have lots of started stories, diaries, poems, etc and then not knowing what to do with the rest of the book.
After my birthday and Christmas and another seven books to the collection I knew it was time to get my creative cap on and use these beauties. So after lots of researching of many ideas to use notebooks, these are some of what I use mine for...

Since meeting my boyfriend who is Latvian I have wanted to learn his language and culture and soon as we moved in I started planning how he would teach me some of the basics. My goal is to be able to speak to his grandmother when I meet her in Latvia sometime soon. I selected one of my little Gryffindor notebooks so its handy to carry around in a pocket if I ever need to refer to it.


Next up the cutest little idea for a notebook, is a Mutual Love Note Book. In this day and age (god I'm old) there aren't many love letters or even spreading love and I think is an amazing idea to have a mutual book between you and your partner where you leave little notes for each other at random times. And it's a great thing to look back at after many years. I again used one of the little Gryffindor books, this time I'll save you reading the soppy message though. 

When I received this amazing Quibbler notebook I knew I wanted to keep it for travel adventures. I've said countless times I want to travel to many countries and I think its amazing idea to keep a journal of the adventures together, filled with stories, tickets, and photos. Although traveling to other countries isn't financially  possible for us right now, we are seeing as much as we can off our own country and I wanted to keep a list of all the places we have been, so I've split it up into counties and listed all the museums, towns scenic places, and everything else we've seen in each place. I'm keeping this book specifically for lists of places we've been, I will make another book for them travel adventure stories.

I received this incredibly beautiful diary for Christmas and fell in love. Any Harry Potter fans will agree with me here that it looks like a magical spell book and I just love the whole bohemian dark vibrant colors. Obviously, I will use this as a diary, but I plan for it to be a daily positive diary. The spaces for each day are huge so there's lots of room to write about whats been good, fun, and amazing that day and I plan to make my day count and have lots to write about.

Lastly, is my favorite, this incredible Hogwarts Journal. Like many of us, I have seen Bullet Journals all over Instagram and Pinterest and I plan for this book to be my creative space for lists, notes, and drawing. Lots more to follow with updated Bullet Journal pages. 

I know there will be lots of more notebooks to come, and lots more ideas.
Do you use notebooks for specific things and if so what are some of the things you use them for?


  1. These are all so cute, creative and personal ideas. I really should use my notebooks more ahaha x

    1. Thank you so much :) it actually is a great feeling to do something a little creative, so easy as writing