Sunday, 14 January 2018

Primark & Essence Bargain Beauty

 A little while ago I picked up some new basic makeup as the pieces I've been using I've had for months (bad, very bad). I'll be fully honest here the reason I am so excited for this post is because of the beautiful purple roses that made my shots look professional. I always stick with the same brands, colors and pieces so I went straight for Primark/Penny's to their Essence stand to find my usual, and was surprised with my results.

As I said I always go for the same Essence pieces and that includes my mascara, although this time I went for one a bit different and boy am I glad I did. Eyes are my main focus when I do my makeup, I want them to pop and be the focal point. With this mascara they certainly are. I love a good dark lash and this mascara offers a vibrant black and even curls and gives an extension of the lashes.
Roughly €3.50

This one, I always go for the same, although I went slightly lighter this time. Roughly €4.50 I can't quite remember although I think it may have been cheaper. I live for soft touch mousse it was actually one of my first ever makeup pieces as my mum used it and I followed suit. I usually apply foundation first and then a light layer of the mouse to give a complete flawless soft coverage. If you've never tried mouse I can't recommend it enough as it really lives up to it. There are higher priced alternatives available but I find Essence and incredible quality and affordable brand, plus they're cruelty-free.

Lastly, I picked up this new foundation, stepping out of my comfort zone to try a new brand which was the Primark/Penny's P.S for just €3.50. I can not shout from the rooftops enough how AMAZING this smells, I mean smell is just as an important factor as everything else, it is truly beautiful. I barely use as much as I would normally as a tiny amount goes a long way with fantastic coverage and another amazing thing is the lasting effect, it lasts an entire night out (and even through to the next day, but we don't fall asleep with makeup on, and pizza in our hands) without any need for finishing spray which I would normally use. 

I'm a proud bargain beauty user, are there any bargain brands that you use without fail? 

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