Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Look Back at 2017

We're all seeing these Snapchat memories of our best bits of the year (although I can't find my own yet) over on our stories and it's made me think back over the past year. I started out thinking "I haven't actually done a whole pile", to know smiling to myself while I'm writing this in the corner of the room while my boyfriend and his brother begin celebrating and feeling very proud of myself and all I have accomplished throughout the year.
It started off last year pretty much how it is exactly on this New Years Eve, we were both dosed with the flu but from then on things got better and better.

One of my biggest things to get over this year was finishing my one year course in college in Monaghan. Being so far from home by myself was a challenge but I got through it to when I took this photo after coming out of my last exam.. which I passed with Distinctions.

And then drove home for four hours by myself, after passing my driving test in the same week.

From then on it was adventure after adventure...
From Sligo to Derry and Donegal, Cork, Cavan, and Monaghan in between.

One huge adventure for me was traveling to Aberdeen by myself for a college interview. This was incredibly huge for me as a nervous flyer and have never gone anywhere by myself, and what an experience it was.

There's been plenty of parties and celebrations including my boy graduating from college and celebrating Kurdish Newroz with my besties and making it to Sea Sessions Festival for a third year... 

In March we celebrated our one year together, in style <3 

We moved into our first apartment together in Letterkenny.

And to finish off the year my best friend gave me a new best friend... 

It really was one incredible year and I appreciate every step off it.
Heres to 2018 and making more dreams become reality. 

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