Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Through the Lens

I've always really been into photography and even more so now I'm back to blogging regularly and wanting the perfect photos to accompany my posts, also through using Instagram about 204 times a day to upload quality photos which I carefully work on to capture.

I remember once a group came into school to teach us photography and I fell in love with it and really put the tips into my photos. Actually, from that lesson with them, they picked one of my photos I took to be entered into a competition and placed in a local gallery and I actually won the competition which really boosted my interest.

I have this thing where if I see something I imagine how it will look through a lens and in a photo, how to capture it at the right angle and save its beauty.
For me it's not all about sharing it over social media for attention, it's an interest, a passion.
And now something I'm going to take up even more regularly to capture things I see daily of any interest and find the art right in front of me. I plan to spend days taking off outside with my camera exploring through the lens and capturing whatever catches my eye, especially now as I moved and have a whole new place to explore. I also want to learn more about actually taking photos, what all the little buttons and settings on my camera actually do and how to capture light, darkness and everything in between.

I recently took out my camera and tried many settings and lighting and positions, playing around with what I could see and how it comes out through the lens. It also helped I have a poser of a boyfriend and the most adorable dog.

I hope to share my journey of photography here on my page, as even at the beginning if you look closely enough the first photos that may seem blurry/unedited/out of focus, well they can still be art.

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