Saturday, 11 November 2017

Magical 22nd Birthday Gifts

Starting off  I'm not one of those people that brags I merely love the gifts I was given and love to share them as gift ideas for others and for myself to look back on.
Also, I'm not a super crazy Harry Potter fan I've always loved it, it's just the merch lately has been INSANE (thank you Primark) just don't judge okay, my family think I have some kind of HP obsession... 
maybe I secretly do. 

First up from my brother's girlfriend (practically my sister-in-law, its been 8 years) these amazingly cosy fluffy pyjamas, a gorgeous woolly hat and huge snuggly plaid scarf... well set for a warm winter. 

My brother always gets the most amazing gifts and always out dos it on the HP things. I mean look how he wrapped the music box in a package with a stamp like Hogwarts. 

Getting to the music box, how INSANE is this <3 <3 I had seen one on an advertisement on Instagram never thinking you could buy it then I open it up and find this beauty. I'll admit I have sat cross-legged in a corner just playing this over and over very creepily but its just so cute. 

These incredibly cute notebooks are so adorable and the detail on them is amazing even inside the covers are illustrated. 

Along with the notebooks from Primark, there are also these coasters with are you guessed it INCREDIBLE. I actually wanted these for our new house but have never seen them in stores in our area so am so over the moon that I can now decorate the table. 

Lastly from my brother is this adorable HP blanket which  I can not tell you how soft it is. Any bedding from Primark is always incredibly soft I don't know how they do it but this one is the coziest and the best way I can describe it is a soft bear. 

My boyfriend went all out this year (with some hints from me) and got me the cutest things. We'll pretend we didn't eat that huge box of Maltesers in one night. 

One I actually had not seen before was this amazing pack of 26 reusable gadget stickers which are so cute and really well detailed. 

These insanely incredible HP pieces have to be my favorite the signs are that little touch of Hogsmeade in your home and the journal is so beautiful I am keeping it for some special occasion to write about in. 

Lastly from my boyfriend is a candle for a replacement that he broke/blew up and this super cute chill pill bath bomb that  I saw and now we have a new bath thought it was so cool. 

From my parents I actually got another of the same HP blankets but their so cozy and unique its good to have two and plus I can have one at home home and one in our apartment. They also gave me this incredibly cute Gryffindor tote bag perfect for shopping which is actually full of shopping already in this photo its the cutest. 

I was so lucky with my incredible gifts this year from my loved ones. How amazing is the Harry Potter range in Pennys/Primark though? 

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