Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Home 'Warming' Gifts

My Mum takes things literally. 

I recently came home from town to find this gift bag (not actual Gosh products) in my room (clearly from my mum). Inside was exactly what I have been looking for, large long lasting candles and scented melts, along with some incense.  Nothing feels more like home for me than relaxing with the lights off and scented candles or incense lit. Scented melts are a new thing I found after been giving a candle diffuser and finding out that these little-scented wax melts on top and fills the room with aroma.... Not just putting some essential oil on top and it burning. 
 The scented candles I was given are lavender and apple (very different), the melts are Tropical Retreat (kinda like soap) and incense are Sandalwood scented (warmly scented).

When we actually moved into our new apartment my mum hid a parcel and texted me later where to find it, and this is what I found. 
Again some more candles but again what I needed as I've loads of tea light holders but no candles to put in them at the minute. She also gave me another candle holder but this one is quite large so can possible fit some of the pillar candles from above in them. On it the quote says ' I love my home'. She also made these little name plaques which I hung in our bedroom... because Rich wouldn't let me hang them on the front door because 'its embarrassing'. 

Richards mum also gave us a gift of a huge mint plant which I asked her for as since meeting him I learned how they use fresh mint leaves in tea and its divine (and so healthy).  Also, she gave us a new jar of her delicious homemade jam which she wrapped up so nicely in this gorgeous jar. I love homemade and natural foods and that's one thing I really love about Rich's culture, they home grow a lot of products and then make them into many things.  

Lastly, but not least, From a good friend of my mums are this beautiful gifts. This kind lady had only met me once and gifted these amazing little pieces. A gorgeous elephant (my favourite animal how did she know) necklace, a beautiful Buddha with amazingly vibrant colours for good luck in our new home and some warmly scented incense. 

I can't wait to find more melts in different scents, lit up my candles and sit back and relax with some mint tea and jammy toast... before the pressure of college begins. 

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