Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Star Gazing

 Recently the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) were visible across Ireland for a few days and my boyfriend who is interested in astronomy and me in photography knew we had to get out and check it out. We were actually up until 5 am the first night (watching funny cat videos) and never thought of it ,so on the second day we made it a priority (although still ran a bit late). 

We got wrapped up in coats and hats, gathered up the camera and torch and drove out more into the countryside heading North away from the town lights and parked up on the side of the road (which I was afraid would look dodgy and a car did pull up to ask us if we were okay). We followed the advice on the Astronomy Ireland Facebook page in letting your eyes adjust to the darkness while looking north... but we saw nothing at all.  The sky was beautiful with loads of stars and the most incredible full moon but there were no Northern Lights being seen here in Leitrim.  

I think you have to really know your stuff and where to look at the correct times but we took our chance at the possibility of seeing it as it was the first time seen in Ireland in 23 years.  We had a fun night time adventure and actually one of my first times being able to hear about something and being able to say 'actually lets go drive there and see' so was exciting. Also, the full moon was so beautiful and I pulled over at a little lake to capture some shots of it over the lake, although my camera skills do not do it justice. 

Do you have interests in astronmy, follow moon cycles or just have an appreciation for the beauty of the sky? 

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