Monday, 18 January 2016

First Online Shopping Goodies

More and more I'm getting into my fashion and like most girls I look to online shops and websites for inspiration and lately while looking at the New Look website I came across two little tops I couldn't pass up the opportunity on missing. Being in college and having events the odd night (very seldom mammy I study all the time like) its hard to come up with outfits who haven't worn before and swap them up a bit so when I seen these tops I thought they were perfect as they can be worn with the same jeans or a skirt and will look like a totally different outfit.

I fell in love with this black lace crop top as its so simple on the front yet a gorgeous dramatic  back with so much detail you don't need anything else to dress it up.

I'm not normally one to go for colour and this was deffo a riskay one for me but I love the off the shoulder tops and at a bargain of £2 I thought YOLO


  1. How come you're not wearing these 😍😍

    1. Wore them all the time in Sligo on nights out just waiting for somewhere to go now