Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Our Adventure Book: The Holiday Page's

 The key with most scrapbooks is to keep tokens, tickets, receipts leaflets and anything you get your hands of from a certain memory you want to remember and with our little holiday to Dublin I collect everything I could along the way.

On the first page I have the map that was well used throughout the whole trip and was the only way we found our way around, the train tickets that brought us to Dublin, a card from the BnB we stayed in and plans we made so we wouldn't miss anything.

 I like to be able to lift up the leaflets and look at them so I only glued half of pictures and left them able to be lifted as shown in the video.

 This busy page is one of my favorites because it is the day we went to one of my favourite places ever, Trinity Library and I spent the day in amazement. I kept it simple with just the leaflet , our tickets and a photo of us there as these speak a lot for themselves. 
The other page is tokens from when we went to Comic Con included the brochure, our wristbands, badges we were given and a photo booth photo we got. 

 Going to the zoo you're left with endless amounts of pictures of animals so instead I kept the tickets we got, bus tickets and the map we were given.

While we were in Dublin it was also my boyfriends 21st birthday so I wanted to make a page to remember when we went out to dinner. I picked up a card from the restaurant we went which is a perfect way to remember as you have the name and where it is and I also added some pictures and a note about what we did that day.

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