Wednesday, 14 September 2016

New Dorm Room

After three very stressful moves I finally, third time lucky found the house I'm (fingers, toes everything crossed) staying in for the college year. I've won the lottery with the lovely lady I'm staying with with have great gossipy chats and the house is an adorable little place where I can come in from college and cook up a bit of dinner, do work and chill (chilling being she just got me a tv in my room and is letting me use her Netflix, HELL YAAA!!). 

The bedroom is adorable with a skyline window looking out on the countryside and a big old bed that I'm not using to having (me, boyfriend & dog squished into a single at home). 
I learn't this year to not go crazy and bring so many things so I kept it to minimum decorations such as my candles and incense. 


Trying to back lightly was an extreme challenge for me but I settled on bringing just six books (that's not a lot okay don't judge), the basic college things, laptop, pens etc, and minimal make up as I don't plan to go out too much here, its my golden year here (we'll see how long that lasts).

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