Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sumner is off to a bang

The town carnival has kicked summer off with a bang and over the past few days I've ticked off quite a few of my Summer bucket list goals. My boyfriend came to stay so we spent some amazing few days doing coupley things along with that I've been fostering baby blackbirds hand feeding them every haf hour so it's been a crazy rollercoaster of fun rolled into five days.
We also stayed out in a tent in the garden, did it up with lots of pillows, blankets and lights and had midnight snacks while playing some old school games.

It started with the carnival opening parade with big floats, music and dancers. It was great fun to watch and something different than the usual St Paticks day parade tractors through the town.

Afterwards bae treated us to a takeout pizza which we had along the riverbank watching an amazing air stunt show which was incredible (and also a teeny bit scary).

We met up with an old school friend of mine and the three of us then went to the funfair. Walking around holding hands with my man all I could think about was Grease the movie and the funfair scene especially when himself wanted to win me a teddy on the hook a duck stand, treated us to candy floss and when we went on the bumping cars, I felt like we were in an iconic  80's movie where they had cute dates at the funfair.

Next day after helping paint the shed out on the farm we took to the hill and went up the field for a picnic. Again lying back on his chest with him stroking my hair and the sun beating down on us isolated in our own world in the middle of the field it felt like a movie scene. I'm so not used to all this cute couple things and every moment is so special I will never get used to it but will always be left with butterflies of happiness.

After coming back from the farm we took the dog up to the woods which was surprisingly empty, we were the only ones there on all the walks and lake areas. We took a refreshing dip in the lake which was so nice and cool we were tempted to go swimming, then after a nice walk around we had the idea of carving our initials into a tree to find another time. He went  in search of the perfect tree which he found as the sun shone on only one he said it was special then surprisingly he came up with the idea of keeping the stone we carved with beside the tree. It was such a special moment to be alone in a beautiful woods beside the lake with someone I love doing something so special.

Sunday brought my brother, his girlfriend and an old family friend to our house for a Barbecue. While mum was preparing the food the rest of us went up the village to a 1916 memorial garden opening. It was nice to see people dressed up in old clothes and a good crowd but we couldn't hack the speeches for more than half an hour and snuck off to the playground before meeting dad after he watched the opening on the way back home for a big (very big, never seen as much food) family BBQ.

After everyone left and we rested in a food coma for awhile me and bae got dressed up and went into town and met another of my schoolfriends for a drink then watched a dance and fireworks display over the river. It was so incredible to see as we stood on the bridge over the water with our arms around eachother it felt as if the world stopped in those twenty minutes of fireworks as a huge crowd all looked skywards in amazement

For our last morning together for a little while we went to the town treasure hunt which was great fun figuring out the clues and going around all the places in town. Afterwards we got an ice cream and a subway to end the weekend perfectly. 

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  1. Eventful few days they were sure had some fun and great memories