Monday, 13 June 2016

How I scrapbook...

I hope it's not only me, but when I go into a shop and see the stationary aisle I get a flush of excitement, maybe it's how neatly arranged everything is or seeing all the possibilities to make things using this stuff whatever it is it's fair to say my collection for craft bits is building so I wanted to share what I use for scrapbooking.

I mainly get all my craft bits and bobs in pound shops as no.1 they're cheap and no.2 they surprisingly have a really nice selection and most of the time things you wouldn't find in other places. 

I came across these fun felt fabrics along with collecting old wrapping paper and crepe paper to use as backgrounds and layering on pages which obviously decorates the pages more and can help you make a theme.

stickers are a most as you need headings and notes its a colorful way of doing it. Also have the essentials of any crafting project, glue, scissors, gel pens and double sided tape. 

As I've said before pound shops are great to find little nacks and I found these gorgeous tiny wooden picture frames which will look lovely in any scrapbook along with some paper banners ( they have writing on them but I'm using the other side as they are colourful and shaped nicely, you could also make these yourself using card.  

Collecting random pieces to stick in the book is what real scrapbooking is about, the ideas are endless as you can see from some of my examples such as a gift tag, an old wooden flower that came off a bouquet, feathers and even birthday card. 
These photo corners are possibly the cutest thing I've found they come in all different colours and patterns and actually really add to the page making the picture stand out more. To be it looks like the washi tape you often see crafters using but I've never seen any of it around here. 


  1. Do you do DIY crafts classes Id like to order some 😆

    1. I tried to get you involved in the poster and you went doodling your heart on a piece of paper 😂😂