Saturday, 12 September 2015

Mamas surprise 😊

On the day my mum brought me down to my student accommodation to stay for college it was emotional to say the lease but we kept it simple and we knew we'd see each other the following week anyway.
I happen to have my friend over and we were planning on going out and I presumed it was her bag under my desk until I moved it and she said I wasn't hers then I knew my mum left it there. My friend told me not to open it until the next day when I was by myself and could enjoy it, she also knew id be a wreck going out if I looked at it.
So the next day when I was by myself relaxing (recovering) I had a great time going through the little surprises  that she put together for me and being a mum she put in all the necessities that I needed but forgot such as toothbrushes and even plasters because hey we all know I wasn't getting through a week without ending up in hospital.

 Good auld mammy putting in the treats

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