Wednesday, 28 October 2015

College so far..

Just over a month in, first midterm and what can I say it's been a mental time for sure.
I've met some amazing friends, found a course I love and honestly grew up so much in six weeks.
It's been far from easy, there's been more drama than a years worth of Corrie but it has thought me alot.
It's hard to even remember most of the things that have happend, living in student accommodation it's like it's own mad little world where housepartys every night, going down the hill in a shopping trolley and randomly turning up at your neighbours house for tea at 5am are all perfectly acceptable.
To give you an example of why I've been M.I.A for so long (I've even forgotten to ring my mum) here are just some of the things that have happend in college so far..

Freshers week (explains itself)

Ended up in hospital first weekend (asthma, dam damp in student accommodation)

Found my best friend who basically lives by my side (spends more time on my couch than her own house)

Come home for naps between classes and ended up sleeping through the rest of classes that day (ok yes this has happened more than once)

Having flat issues such as no curtains for 2 weeks (I might add my room is the front bottom floor)

Lost all abilitly to cook (even noodles, my flatmates constantly are reminding me to stir the food I leave on the hob)

Which leads me to..
Leaving a can of spaghetti in a saucepan on the hob to 'cook later' but infact leaving the hob on and it starting to cook then

Waiting for food to cook over 40 minutes and finding I only had the light on not the oven

Been locked out of the flat more than once, including the morning after dreasing as a schoolgirl for a party

Found that I always have to have a nap before going out, including in the middle of a house party when there was about 40 people in our house

Decided to go out and pull an all nighter before going on a school trip because the bus was at 5am so 'there was no point sleeping' (fair to say I was an hour on the bus before having to call my mum to pick me up)

Came home for the weekend and literally slept from Friday through to Sunday

College has been one mental ride so far, it's had its ups and downs but I'm on this journey for the long run and I cant wait to see where it goes..

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  1. Ahem bad girl Tracy bad girl all these naughty thing u did unacceptable 😡