Saturday, 7 May 2016

Open when...

As I leave for the summer to do an internship one of the hardest thing is not going to be able to see my boyfriend so I am leaving him with some Open When envelopes when he's feeling lonely or
 needs cheering up.

Just a little note telling him how much I love home as I leave for four months and won't be seeing him.

A nice little Pinterest idea is to send a hug which I did by tracing my (abnormally-shaped) hands and joined them with a long piece of string to allow them to basically give themseleves a hug using your hands. I think adding the little touch with the lines and fingernails makes it a bit more realistic, and my brilliant drawing of us hugging (yes that is me on a chair, hes over 6ft im 5ft need I say more).

All girls know when they get their boyfriends hoodie the best thing about it is it smells like him so I made this little heart out of scrap fabric in a neutral manly colour and sprayed/dosed it in my favorite perfume which hopefully will remind him of me.

On days when he's needing a laugh I sent a selection of funny pictures including him looking dopey and out French exchange flatmate jumping in the Irish Sea.. in February.

Down days are something we all have and I wanted to be able to cheer him up while I'm away so I left a note of some of our best times together to make him smile.

This has got to be my favorite envelope as its a selection of pictures of all the things we've done and a list of things we will do one day.


  1. These were emotional to open so well made and the detail love them 😙

    1. Im glad you like them and can keep them forver 😘