Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Home for Christmas

It's not until this year being my first year away from home that I've realised how there really is no place like home especially at Christmas.
I used to love when my brother would come home from college at Christmas with his presents for the family and we'd catch up, now I'm the one doing it.
Packing to leave college knowing I would stay at home finally for more then two days got me even more exciting and also bringing my boyfriend home for a few days was like alright too Ya know (*playing it cool).
My mum had suprised me making my bed with my Christmas duvet and stringing lights around it which really made me feel at home and of course the endless supply of good food was all a college kid needs to say welcome home.
Its not till you dont have something anymore that you realize how special it is and time with your family at home is one of them.

Nothing says homely like your pooch, a good Christmas movie and a big ole bowl of popcorn

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