Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Festival Blues

Anyone whos camped at a festival for a few days will understand my pain right now. After my first ever festival followed by two more in a row I'm extremely stuck in a rot and struggling to get back to normality. You're living with the same people for five days straight, waking up to them, having dinner with them and basically spending every minute with them and then suddenly bam your home and more than likely never going to see them again. Worse with me was I was working at all the festivals and volunteers had our own campsite so we were even more of a tight nit group. I've never bonded with people so quickly and felt like we've known each other all our lives like this before and I genuinely feel like were more of a family as volunteers stick together and it doesn't matter who you know you're part of the crew. I loved the feeling of being welcomed without a second thought, growing up always being the outsider to being welcomed into a group of mates who've known each other since playschool or starting a new group with all the people who came on their own is so incredible and a feeling I will never forget.
Leaving these people behind and going back to normal life, even just being in a bed with an actual pillow is hard to come to terms with and I've literally spent two days wandering around my house wondering where my mates that I've just spent five days sleeping next to are gone, why the person in the mirror does not look like me and why I've never appreciated food before.

To quote all the teenage girls out there my only words after a festival are.. 'I can't even'

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