Sunday, 7 June 2015

Bargain Beauty Buys

On my recent trip to England I couldn't believe the bargains I picked up on makeup products. It's a good thing I only had minimal room in my case on the way back or I'd be in dept by now.

First up is this amazing Technic 2 in 1 colour fix powder and foundation compact. Now if they name didn't describe it enough its basically a supper handy compact powder and foundation set with a mirror also. I was looking for a perfect powder and the fact that you get both with this was perfect. I picked this up for £2.79

 I fell in love with this Technic eye shimmer sticks the minute I seen them and it was extremely hard to choose between all the great colours. I went for neon blue and deep purple my two favourite colours. The thing I love most about these is the fact that there soo unbelievably easy to use, a simple stroke with one of this across your lid and it looks like you spent ages on eye shadow.
I got these for 85p each.

When I seen this amazing Body Collection highlighting bronzer I thought it was pure genius. I'm not good a bronzer at the best of times and when I seen there was this easy to apply liquid version I knew it was for me. I picked this up for £1.47

I saw this incredible Body collection eye shadow palette then luckily enough came across a broken one that was reduced to £3.45 which was incredible because all that was wrong was the pin on the lid. I absolutely love the colours on this palette there so deep and eye catching and its every colour you could possibly need.

This deep dark Technic ColourMax lipstick is by far my favourite thing I picked up. I really love red lipstick but it totally doesn't suit me. However dark colours seem to be okay and this shade was absolutely perfect. as you can see from the picture I started using it straight away. I got this for 85p. 

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