Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mortifying interview

A Year ago when I embarked on my Gap Year I applied to as many different things as I could. One of them was the Irish Therapy Dogs and today me and Bobby finally had our assessment. ITD is an oraganisation that go around to care homes and spend time with resisdents and I really thought Bobby would be good at this as he loves meeting people and that tail never stops wagging.

I wasn't expecting awhole interview set up and to say interviews aren't Bobbys forte is an understatment. He wined through the WHOLE thing, at one point she asked me was there something wrong with him. He refused to look at or to even accknowlegde the lady and when I had to try on the uniform in a seperate room he went balistic. Then do I even dare mention.. them wooden floors. Nails, a slippery wooden floor and a dog used to carpets do not make a good mix.

We couldn't have gotten out of there quicker and to be honest I think they thought the same.

Afterwards though it was quite funny to think he just complelty acted the brat but thats our Bob, the hyper little devil who can't sit still for a minute.

Lucky enough the assessment was in the hotel accross from the beach so we got to spend awhile there and to wear off  some of that energy. I don't think the expereince affected Bobby to much, he got to go into a fancy hotel, tear around an empty beach and have chips for dinner.
It's fair to say though he is certainly not made for the working life.

This is how he has currently spent the rest of the day.

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  1. His tail will kill someone one day and he is the cheekiest dog I know 😧