Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Snail Mail

Today I packed up my latest parcel for my bestie. What I love most about writing to her and what I mainly think Snail Mail is about is being creative. Mostly everything we send each other is homemade and that's the best thing to receive, a gift someone has spent time on and put thought into. 

  I made this photo fame simply out of cardboard and some tartan ribbon. I found this food glitter toothpick to stick on the top.

 I recently came accross someone who was going to through away a load of fabric samples so I took them off their hands because I knew they'd be great for making crafts. I decided to keep it simple and write a nice message on some to be hung up in her knew room and also made a door name out of card, felt and a decoration off an old candle.

when I seen the message on this card I knew my bestie would love it. Its simply the front of an recycled card giving for a birthday and I added my own little message for her.

 Lastly I added in this cute teeny tiny little photo frame I came across in a charity shop and finally decorated the front of the package and sealed it up.
One thing better than receiving snail mail is sending snail mail and I love getting the package all sorted out ready to send because I know when she sees it, it'll make her day, like hers do mine.

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