Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Morning Light

There's something so magical about opening the curtains in the morning  and it being so peaceful and quiet. To see birds heading off on their morning flight, fog drifting along the grass awaiting the sunny day ahead and the feeling of the calm before the storm, taking a moments breath before a busy day ahead. On days like we have been having lately (stunning clear sunny days) I love waking up to fog rising and the blueness of the sky peeping through, it's the hint of what beautiful day is on its way.

Now in this day an age (seriously I'm 19 that is the most grown up thing I've ever said) with all the rushing around grabbing coffee and toast on the way out the door, doing the 'wheres my keys wheres my phone' pat down and having 10 minutes spare before work ..which is 15 minutes away we don't appreciate mornings. Most people, and I'l admit I am one most days, aren't morning people and we don't fully wake up until atleast 12pm, But lately I've decided to appreciate the finer things in life. There's a lot of people in this world waking up unhappy or unwell and I've made it my mission to take time in the morning to see all the amazing things I'm surrounded by and being grateful for it.

Set An Alarm, 10 minutes earlier than you need to be up 
Not only does this allow you plenty of time to wake fully, but there's also the best feeling of knowing you have that extra 10 minutes lie-in, you can take a minute to relax and breathe before the mad day ahead.

Look Outside 
Take a minute, sit at the window, have your cuppa in hand and take a look outside and see life all around you. Don't let life pass you by, embrace it.

Hearty Breakie 
We know 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day' but to be fair not a lot of us really bother (yes guilty). Having a delicious nutritious breakfast leaves you feeling full of energy and ready to tackle the day ahead. Find your own way of mastering breakfast, weather its prepare the night before or being up early, breakfast is always the best bit of the morning. 

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