Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothers Day Lunch out

We had been racking our brains for something to do and somewhere to go on Mothers Day and at last my Dad heard that a Jazz band was going to be performing in the garden center not far from us. I know what your thinking.. a garden center Wow really hitting the big time but this is unlike most garden centers, obvs they have the plants and what not but they also have this amazing little cafe with delicious organic ingredients and the coolest Boho decor. The place was packed out and there was a Que forming just to find a table. When we at last got a table (with another family, I shared a seat with a baby) the poor staff were run off their feet trying to get everyone their orders so while we waited we all shared a bag of crisps and lucky enough there was this fun little game to keep us occupied. 
When the food at last came I had a really delicious big bowl of Sweet Potato, Split Pea and Coconut soup along with the most amazing bread, I've no idea what they did to it but it was so yummy. 
It was a really unexpected quirky Mothers Day but we really enjoyed it and later in the evening went out for dinner with my Brother then had a night in the living room. 

This is why its a Garden Center like no other, they have this cat randomly strolling around and it has its bed on one of the display chairs where it sleeps no matter how much people poke it. I promise you this is a real cat and not just a figment of my imagination.

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