Friday, 20 March 2015

Beautiful Kurdish Museum Event.

I met my Best Friend in secondary school and I wouldn't be the same person I am today if it wasn't for her. She thought me having the knowledge and interest in other cultural's is the most amazing thing you can do, and to be welcomed into one, like I was with her family is something I can never say enough Thank You's for.
Today the Kurdish community in our area held a Kurdish Museum in the towns art center and welcomed everyone to come and see their traditional  dresses, try their homemade (delicious) food and get to understand more about their backgrounds and where they originate from.
 Having spent many years with my best friend much of this has become second nature to me, my Mum still finds it really peculiar that I can greet them in Kurdish (Choni) and the fact that I know so much about Kurdish traditions and have such an interest is saying just how amazing of a culture it is.
From the moment I stepped into the building though I became very emotional. My Best Friend moved country over a year ago and this is the kind of thing I wouldn't be at without her. Seeing so many of the girls in Kurdish dresses and just the lovely welcoming people instantly reminded me of her and I'l admit I had to hold back the tears, But despite this I enjoyed it so much because it was amazingly but together and so much hard work involved. There was such a great atmosphere, as there always is at Kurdish events and it really was a great afternoon.

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