Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Living in Luxury

For our one year anniversary together we wanted to make it a bit more special, so we decided to book ourselves two nights away at a gorgeous hotel which unexpectedly turned out to be so fancy.
To start with we were told our deluxe room was on the 8th floor of the tower which was instantly an incredible view we met as we went into the room. Really feeling like royalty up in the deluxe tower room with the biggest comfiest bed, a gorgeous bathroom with a shower and big bath that even had a radio and washing line in it, it was all like a dream just us in this little paradise.

After relaxing ourselves in the amazing pool with spa sections, sauna and Jacuzzi we dressed up for our first night there as with the package we booked a dinner in the 4* restaurant. Now we're a young couple (both 21) and its fair to say not used to this fancy life (give us a takeaway any night) so dinner was a bit of disaster as the vegetarian food was only two options and both were quite icky to me, but hey desert was beautiful so there's that.

Once we got back to the room we took the luxury to another level and popped open the champagne Richard brought with him, while looking out over the view of the town it was really a gorgeous way to spend the evening just the two of us.

So my favorite part of staying in hotels is the breakfast, I mean come on, fresh all you can eat buffet its a dream come through so we were up at the crack of dawn to get our hands on it and boy did we stuff ourselves. Afterwards we headed down to the St Patrick's Day parade in the town. Although it was pouring rain and the parade was quite small we had fun before hitting the most anticipated part of the trip, Eddie rockets for milkshakes. I'm all about old school and I just love the vibe in Eddie Rockets with Grease playing in the background, the waitresses in 70's pin uniforms and the fact that you can go reminisce what it was like to go on milkshake dates.

We spent our time in the hotel relaxing to the max between the spa, swimming pool ,the hotel room and breakfast it was really an incredible three days and we really didn't want to leave as we actually grew even closer in this time as a couple because we were having such a peaceful time. After checking out we spent our last day in town looking around having fun in a local Castle visitor center, an art gallery and the town Cathedral before having a quick look in the shopping centers then heading home. It really was an incredible time and we can't wait to do more like this in the future. 


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